DogsCatsThe Benefits of Grooming


Grooming your pet goes beyond just cleaning and nice smell.. Regular grooming has many important health benefits for your pet, here is a summary:

  1. Early detection:

Professional groomers must check your pet’s skin, hair, teeth, ears, paws, and all areas of your pet before starting and during grooming. This helps in the early detection of any issues including fungus, ticks, fleas, skin irritations, scabs, wounds, teeth decay, ear infections, and any other visible problems. Make sure your pet groomer does check your pet thoroughly and report any issues to you immediately.

  1. Healthy coat:

Having your pet regularly groomed correctly, ensures a soft and healthy coat. It helps eliminates tangles and mats, and significantly reduces hair fall in the house. Make sure your groomer uses both shampoo & conditioner when bathing your pet, and that the right products for your pet’s needs are being used.

  1. Healthy skin:

Grooming your pet regularly makes your pet’s skin soft and clean, and reduces allergy symptoms. It also eliminates dandruff and skin irritations if the right products are used. We urge you to enquire about the shampoos and conditioners being used when bathing your pet.

  1. Ear wellbeing:

Part of professional grooming is using ear powder/solution, which helps in keeping the ear clean and healthy, and eliminates the formation of ear mites, ear infections and offensive odors.

  1. Joints & muscle pain relief:

Massaging your pet during the bath helps alleviate joint & muscle pain. Groomer should rub and massage your pet thoroughly during the bath.

  1. Nail clipping & filing:

Long nails cause excessive pain to your pet when walking on hard surfaces such as tiles. In addition, long nails are a risk hazard for your pet due to possible slippage and could cause unintentional injury to family members or other pets. As well as damaging furniture.

  1. Reduce behavioral issues:

At 4pawz, we do our best to ensure a positive, fun experience for your pet. Grooming helps fight some behavioral issues, as regular grooming provides an opportunity for socializing and allowing humans to handle the pet’s various sensitive body parts such as feet, face, tail, back…etc. in addition, grooming help pets accommodate noises and different environments. Also, if your grooming place does it right, your pet should get some playtime and affection during and after grooming. You will be surprised how much your pet will learn from his grooming experience.

  1. Great look & fresh smell:

Of course, the obvious benefit of grooming is having your pet looking awesome and smelling wonderful. A good groomer using professional maintained tools with high quality products will ensure that every single time.


At 4pawz Spa, we work hard to ensure you & your pet get the utmost benefits of grooming every single time. We use the best available equipment, and the highest quality products that fits into your pet’s specific needs.
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