4Pawz Fresh Food


Our meals and treats are made from high quality, natural, fresh, human grade ingredients. Our certified pet nutritionist will assess your dog's requirements and meals are then cooked & packed accordingly and delivered to your door.

Dogs in Kuwait will finally be able to enjoy fresh, healthy food made from hand-picked, human-grade ingredients, and formulated to highest international standards

Because we love our dogs..

Dogs give us unconditional never-ending love, and we instinctively love them back. It gets to a point where we can't imagine how we lived before they came into our lives.

So why would we feed them something full of chemicals, additives and preservatives that resembles the equivalent of fast food everyday?!?

We invest a lot of time, effort and money in our dogs. We buy them toys, take them on walks, give them baths, clean up after them, and yet, often feed them harmful stuff made of inappropriate contents!

You make this decision for them. And because you love them, make the right decision, feed your dog real food, healthy food, good food, feed them 4pawz food.

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