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This section is dedicated to help pet parents with information related to dog & cat nutrition and care

4Pawz is on a mission to help dog & cat owners in the GCC by educating them about diet, food, and related health & care issues.

4Pawz certified pet nutritionists has the knowledge & practical experience caring for dogs & cats. Backed by professional training, our pet nutritionists are keen to help pet owners make the best decisions for their pets.

You can also ask any question related to pet diet and care, and we will personally answer you and provide guidance & advice. To ask a pet nutritionist, please fill & submit the below form.

You can also request a free assessment & food sampling session at 4Pawz through the same form. 

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Ask any questions you may have regarding dog and cat diet & general care. we usually answer within 24 hours by email, or a phone call. 

اسأل أي سؤال عن التغذية أو الرعاية بالكلاب والقطط. سنجيب عن استفساراتكم خلال 24 ساعة أو برسالة خاصة بحسب الحالة