4Pawz Pet Food - FAQ

Frequently asked questions are listed below, for further information please contact us

1. How are 4Pawz meals made?

Each recipe is formulated to be complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards, and we use all human-grade ingredients to do so. Each recipe is cooked in our human-grade kitchens. Since we package your meals perfectly to your dog's needs, your food never sits on a shelf for months at a time.

2. Do I need to consult my vet before I use 4Pawz food?

You are very welcome to consult with your vet. They will be very happy that our recipes have been nutritionist approved & vet recommended. There are always food trends which vets fight over however, just about every vet agrees that nutritionally balanced homemade food is great for dogs. If your dog does not normally need a prescription diet and is otherwise healthy, they'll do great on our food with or without a consultation with your vet.

3. What ingredients do you use? 

We use natural, healthy, fresh, human grade ingredients. All of our ingredients is sourced from local suppliers, local farms, or other human food purveyors.

4. Why can't I just cook my dog's food at home? 

You can! But recent research found 95% of recipes online to be lacking in crucial nutrients for dogs. Serious complications from nutrient deficiencies (and, more commonly, overdosing) could arise if a recipe hasn't been properly calibrated. 

5. What if my dog doesn't like the food?

It is unlikely that your dog would not like our food. However, if that happens, please contact us within the first delivery week and we will gladly change meal types or give full refund. You can keep the first week's delivered food and we urge you to donate it to a local shelter.

6. How do you know what kind of food my dog needs? 

We invite you for a free assessment & sampling at 4Pawz, or over the phone. We start by asking the right questions & acquire/measure your dog's information. We then create a customized plan to fit your dog's needs. After you start, we monitor your dog's progress and adjust serving packs accordingly.

7. How much does this cost?

Our goal is to make healthy food available & affordable to every dog. Each dog is different, and pricing will depend on a variety of factors including age, weight, activity, and more. Requirements and therefore meal prices shall be determined by your dog's information & measurements acquired.

8. Does the food need to be kept in the freezer?

Yes if stored for more than 48 hours. Our food is 100% perishable and has zero preservatives. Treat it just like homemade people food (because it basically is!), and keep unused packs in the freezer. Freezing is nature's chosen preservative

We recommend that you pop the food in the freezer and then take it out to defrost 8 hours or so before you need it.

9. How do deliveries work? 

You will receive your deliveries of freshly prepared food in individual containers. We suggest weekly deliveries so that your food is always fresh and that the containers will not take up too much of your freezer space. We will time your deliveries to make sure that you never run out of food.

10. Do I need to cook the food?

No ! You don't have to cook. Each meal arrives pre-portioned and ready to serve once it has been defrosted (if frozen). All you have to do is defrost, give it a stir and serve into a bowl and let your dog do the rest!

11. What about your hygiene standards?

We follow EU Regulation 882/2004 on official controls for feed and food law, and EU Regulation No. 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria for foods & the food hygiene legislation. We ensure that the complete process from ingredient handling to packing is conducted under the aforementioned regulations.


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