Healthy Pet Food


Our meals and treats are made from high quality, natural, fresh, human grade ingredients. Our certified pet nutritionists assess your dog's requirements and meals are then cooked & packed accordingly and delivered to your door.

The ultimate dog food...

Because we love our dogs..

Dogs give us unconditional never-ending love, and we instinctively love them back. It gets to a point where we can't imagine how we lived before they came into our lives

So why would we feed them something full of chemicals, additives and preservatives that resembles the equivalent of fast food everyday?!?

We invest a lot of time, effort and money in our dogs. We buy them toys, take them on walks, give them baths, clean up after them, and yet, often feed them harmful stuff made of inappropriate contents!

You make this decision for them. And because you love them, make the right decision, feed your dog real food, healthy food, good food, feed them 4pawz food.

Free diet assessment and food sampling

Bring your dog in for a free diet assessment in the shop. Our certified pet nutritionist will take your dog's measurements, assess diet requirements and give free food samples.

Monthly subscriptions

Customized formulas

Subscribe to our monthly meal or meal & treat plans for great discounts. The plan includes our weekly deliveries. Each weekly delivery will have seven daily meals, each meal is cooked fresh, according to your dog's need, packed individually in a microwave safe container, and ready to serve.

Cut preparation time, and forget about running out and having to go shopping for dog food!

Because our formula is all natural and perfectly balanced, it generally works great even with dogs that have sensitive digestion systems.

However, if your dog has allergies, severe digestion system problems or certain medical conditions and requires a special formula, we will work with you in designing a custom recipe just for your dog.

Our expert nutritionist will assess your dog's needs and requirements, and cater a special recipe for your dog to overcome these issues, ensuring the balanced nutrients required are received without disturbing the digestive system.

Join the movement, tell a parent

Dog parents across the globe are now concerned about chemically processed food and its contents.

With increasing cancerous diseases and other dog health complications that didn't exist just a few decades ago, commercially manufactured food is in the spotlight, and a new direction towards healthy feeding is thought to be the solution.

Join in the movement today, and save other dogs by referring their parents to 4pawz's all natural healthy food, tell them how it helped your dog, enhanced the overall well being, joint and bone growth, mood, happiness, energy level, fur, smell, elimination, teeth and gum, how it made your dog overcome allergies, infections, skin soars, digestive system problems, eye allergies, behavioral problems, and much more. 

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