Healthy Pet Food

4Pawz offers a wide range of premium healthy dog and cat food, treats & chews.

Dry, wet or freshly baked. 4Pawz is now making it possible for every pet parent to choose the best option that suits their pet's needs, as well as their budget.

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We understand the importance of pet diet

Our dogs and cats depend on us to feed them, it is us that determine what they eat, when they eat, and how much they eat!

In today's crowded & confusing market, making the right decision when it comes to your loved one's food can become extremely challenging.

Dry, wet, home cooked, raw, and many more available options create a challenge in making the best decision for your pet.

We understand that every pet is different, and that there isn't a single formula that fits all pets. Therefore, 4Pawz offers a wide variety of premium pet food options to ensure that you will find something that suits your pet's needs and fits your budget. 

Ask Lizz

Not sure what's best for your furry loved one?

Don't guess!! ask Lizz..

Our certified pet nutritionist will assess your pet's requirements and advise you on the best options.

Send a simple query and get answers promptly, or stop by at 4Pawz and get a full assessment and food sampling. 

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