Healthy Treats & Chews

4Pawz offers a wide unique variety of healthy treats & chews. From the all natural recycled animal parts buffet, to freshly baked biscuits & cookies, including the natural rawhide and beef training treats. This is doggy heaven!

We also have something special for our beloved cats.

All natural freshly baked treats

4Pawz Healthy Dog Treats

We offer healthy treats that are freshly baked. Our treat menu includes:

- Peanut Butter Bones: cake-like medium size treat ideal as a snack for all dog sizes.

- HMP biscuits: our signature biscuits for fresh breath, the Honey, Mint & Parsley biscuits are ideal treats for rewarding, training or just because.

- Savoury Squares: These are perfect for training or rewarding. Made from chicken broth, their convenient size and low calories ensure your dog will be interested for longer periods without putting on the extra weight.

All-Natural recycled animal parts

These unique delicious chews are recycled from animal parts providing pure nutrition with  a great chewing experience.

Rabbit ears, cow ears, cow head skin, lamb throat, oxtail and much more are sold from our treat buffet by the piece.

Rawhide, chews & bones

A wide variety of biscuits, hide, bones & treats are offered by the Bonacibo & Kennel brands. 

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