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4Pawz proudly presents an exclusive range of hygiene and health products dedicated to dogs & cats.

Created by Laboratorium Dermapharm's first-hand scientists, veterinarians, cosmetologists, dieticians and chemists, inline with European regulations & Standards.

Innovation & scientific research

dr Seidel

Pet health and care products recommended by vets all around Europe. The product line main focus is the welfare of dogs & cats, providing medically formulated shampoos, sprays, ear & eye cleaners, vitamins & supplements, and healthy treats.

A wide variety of dr Seidel products are now available at 4Pawz

Mr. Smell

Mr. Smell is a series of products intended for removing unpleasant pet urine odour as well as urine stains from any surface - hard or soft. Mr. Smell products will also help you fight the pets habit of marking territory. By utilising modern bio-enzymatic technology, the products eliminate uric acid which is the main component of urine. All of the Mr. Smell products are fully biodegradable and safe for both humans and animals.

Mr. Smell products are extremely effective, safe and will leave your home with a pleasant, fresh smell.  

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Champion is a professional line of state-of-the-art cosmetics developed based on the latest knowledge of animal care. Using Champion preparations, you provide your pet with the best care possible. Take care of your pet's proper hygiene to ensure you can interact in a joyful and undisturbed way.

Treat Your Champion to a Little Bit of Luxury

Other professional solutions

4Pawz carries a wide range of other professional medical & hygiene solutions from reputable brands.

Anti stress tablets, adaptation collars, vitamins, supplements, and much more..

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