ًHow do i know if i should change my dog's food?


The first sign, is that your dog should eat his meal. If your dog is not liking the food, you should definitely consider mixing it with something else or changing it all together.

If your dog has very low energy/activity level, body shape is not ideal (over or under weight), or is experiencing vomiting (acute onset or chronic), diarrhea (acute onset or chronic), poor stool quality (moist, smelly, poops in huge quantities), weight loss, excessive flatulence (gasses), abdominal pain, has dry skin or dandruff, dull or dry coat, excessive shedding, dental health issues, or ocular health issues (vision problems or not having bright eyes), and there are no health related issues or diseases, then these symptoms are highly likely to be associated with a poor diet.

I would recommend switching food, by choosing an alternative diet that targets these issues, and is appropriate for his life stage and life style.

Please do not switch food abruptly and make sure you do a proper transition not to upset his stomach.

You can contact me and request a free assessment at 4Pawz, I will happily check your dog's overall well being and discuss issues and concerns you might have regarding your dog's diet and care, as well as give you recommendations and advice.