Is dry or wet food better?


The short answer is: it is a personal preference.. So find what works for you and your pet.

There isn't a correct answer here, so i have prepared a summary of pros & cons for both types of food.



Wet Food

Higher moisture content (60% to 84%)

Generally higher amount of protein.

Generally less preservatives.

Usually more rich in flavour and is found more palatable by pets

Messy & offensive smell

Higher possibility to cause dental problems if not cleaned regularly

Once opened spoils quickly

Could be more expensive than dry food (depending on brand)

Available in smaller quantities (100g to 400g cans)

Dry Food

Convenience (cleaner, easier & quicker to serve)

Available in big quantities

Long storage life

Generally cheaper

Causes thirst and dehydrates (3% to 12% moisture content)

Less nutritional value in general depending on brand

Higher preservatives & artificial flavors contents depending on brand

Could be difficult for young puppies 
& kittens, and for dogs / cats with teeth problems