CHAMPION Shampoo for Puppies 250ml

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This professional grooming shampoo has excellent washing properties. It restores the natural shine and makes hair very soft. The shampoo moisturises skin and makes combing and styling easier. It gently yet effectively removes even stains without compromising on the natural barriers of the skin. The lavender scent acts like aromatherapy. It relaxes and reduces stress normally caused by bathing.

Free of soap, parabens, mineral oils and petroleum based ingredients, phthalates, GMO. 

شامبو للجراء ينظف بعمق ولطف ويحافظ على جلد وشعر الجراء من التلف تاركا شعرا ناعما وسهل التسريح. برائحة اللافندر المهدئة

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