Dream Chaser Bolster Bed S/M/L - Tall Tails

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Your dog or cat will catch some Z's wherever they happen to be. So don't they deserve something special to chase their dreams in unconditional comfort? The Tall Tails Dream Chaser Dog Beds are the epitome of comfort & turn ordinary sleeping spaces into 'dreamy places' for every type of sleeper. Perfect for dogs that that like to curl, nest, burrow and snuggle. The reversibility allows pet parents to match their dog's temperature preference. One side has cozy fleece while the other has cooler canvas.

Reversible design allows for custom comfort. Filled with 100% post consumer recycled poly-fiber.

Available in 3 sizes & 2 colors

Pair with a Tall Tails Blanket for an extra layer of comfort.

Machine washable and dryable.

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يمكن قلبه على الجهتين للتحكم بالحرارة ونوع القماش حيث أنه يوفر جهة قطنية ناعمة وجهة أكثر صلابة وبرودة

قم باختيار بطانية تول تيلز لتتماشى مع السرير وتوفر الراحة التامة

متوفرة بثلاثة احجام ولونين

يمكن وضعه في الغسالة والنشاقة

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