Hydro-spray Moisturizing for Dry and Itchy Skin Dog & Cat (100ml) From Dr Seidel

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The preparation is intended for care of skin prone to acute and chronic inflammatory conditions associated with pruritus, going without purulent complications. It is an intense moisturizer. It brings instant relief for the dry or itchy skin for dogs & cats. It prevents self-injuries of the skin, protecting thus against secondary infections. Does not contain pigments, fragrances and parabens.

للعناية بالجلد المعرض للإلتهابات والحساسية للكلاب والقطط. ملطف طبي للحكة والبقع الحمراء. يساعد على منع الجروح الناتجة عن الحكة الزائدة.

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