Lick it Roll On - Liquid Training natural Dog Treat Dr Sidel (15ml)

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This is the ultimate treat - no mess, easy to carry, fast rewarding - A liquid training treat for dogs. 100% natural product (contains hydrolysed meat).Thanks to its tiny, handy pack, the product fits in the pocket easily. The form of administering the treat makes it easier to keep your hand clean. One pack is enough for 500 licks. Training treat is low-calorie: contains only 15 kcal.

تريت سائل رول طبيعي 100% مثالي للتدريب. حجمه الصغير مناسب للوضع داخل الجيب ومكافئة الكلب بسرعة وبنظافة. العبوة تكفي ل 500 استخدام

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