Oat & Aloe Vera Extracts anti-itching Shampoo Dog & Cat (220ml)

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Specialized skin care product for itchy skin and skin prone to irritation for dogs & cats. It is recommended as a complimentary care shampoo in therapy of skin conditions such as atopy or inflammation of sebaceous glands. Oat extract has anti-itching properties, while Aloe Vera extract and urea provide moisturizing effect. Allantoin soothes irritation, evens and softens the skin. The shampoo thoroughly removes dirt, restoring hairs natural softness and shine. Suitable for frequent use. Does not contain dyes or fragrances. Product intended for dogs and cats.

شامبو الصبار والشوفان للقطط والكلاب الطبي مخصص للعناية بالجلد الحساس. يرطب وبخفف من أعراض الحكة والحساسية وينعم الجلد والشعر.

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