Repelex Plus Dogs & Cats- Keeps Pets Away dr Seidel (100ml)

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Repelex Plus - behavioral aid, is a long-acting product. It helps the animal to unlearn undesirable behavior such as handling of physiological needs in places not intended for that, damaging objects, scratching, biting. It contains fragrances which animals perceive as very unpleasant. Consequently, sprayed surfaces and objects are no longer of interest to the animal. Harmless to humans and animals. It has a fresh lemon scent.

بخاخ تدريب منفر للكلاب والقط لإبعادهم عن الأغراض الخاصة والأماكن التي يجب الابتعاد عنها. يدوم لفترة طويلة وفعال. غير ضار

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