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At 4Pawz, we have taken it upon ourselves to collect pet data into our system as a free service

Never lose your best friend again

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قم بتسجيل حيوانك الأليف

Simply fill the registration form below and submit.

Your pet's data will be securely saved in our system for future reference

Report Losing a Pet

ابلغ عن فقدانك لحيوانك الأليف

Submit the below form choosing the "I Lost My Pet" options. We will help spread the word & find your pet.

We will contact you should we get any information.

Report Finding a Pet

ابلغ عن عثورك على حيوان أليف

Found a pet? Choose the "I Found Someone's Pet" option and submit the below form. We will look through our database for matches.

We will help reuniting the pet with his parents in any way we can.

It has to start somewhere!

Tens of pets are lost in Kuwait everyday, and very few get reunited with their parents! 

Kuwait doesn't have a pet registration system. Yet, every pet owner is required by law to have a microchip inserted into their pets!

Whether you have purchased or adopted a dog or cat, your new friend will most likely have a microchip inserted at the back of his neck, between the shoulders. 

At 4Pawz, we have decided to form a database for pets to help find lost pets, and reunite them with their parents. 

العشرات من الحيوانات الأليفة تضيع من أصحابها يوميا في الكويت. القليل منها يتم العثور عليه وإرجاعه إلى أصحابه

لايوجد نظام تسجيل الحيوانات الأليفة رغم أن القانون ينص على زراعة شريحة في جميع الكلاب والقطط

سواء اشتريت أو تبنيت كلبك أو قطتك، فإن هناك احتمال كبير أن يكون قد تمت زراعة الشريحة في رقبته بين الكتفين

تم عمل نظام تسجيل الحيوانات الأليفة للمساعدة عند فقدان الكلاب والقطط

I lost my pet, what should I do?

We understand how frustrating and worrying it is to lose your loved one. We are here to help reuniting the two of you again. We recommend doing the the following as soon as you can:

  1. Fill & submit the above form with as much detail as you can.
  2. Spread the word, use social media & friends, you can announce that they can contact 4Pawz for information to avoid sharing your personal contacts & details with strangers.
  3. We will spread the news and work our contacts to try and find your pet. Once we receive any news, we will share them with you immediately.

Fill & Submit Now...

Please fill and submit the below form and choose the appropriate option from the drop down menu.

Please remember that the more accurate the information is, the more it helps when needed.

Pet & owner information shall only be shared for the purpose of finding lost pets. 4Pawz will never share any of the information provided with any person or entity under any circumstances.

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