FarminaFOODCAT FOODFarmina Cat Gastrointestinal Dry Food


Farmina vet life gastrointestinal cat is a food dry for cats with gastrointestinal disorders, easily digested and rich prebiotics for the well-being of the intestinal flora.

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 Dry food for cats with gastrointestinal disease

  • Suitable for cats in convalescence

  • Easily digestible thanks all’ottima quality products

  • Contains fatty acids and omega3


Dried meat chicken, animal fat, corn gluten, flax seed, spelta, beet red dried, fish oil, animal protein hydrolyzed, egg powder, fiber peas, seeds psillio, potassium chloride, yeast, vegetable oil, inulin (0,6%), FOS (0,6%), MOS (0,6%), calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, phosphate glutamate, calcium sulfate deidrato, marigold extract.

Analytical components:

Protein flock 33.0%, crude fat 21.5%, crude fiber 1.7%, Ash bottom flock 7.3%, 1.0%, phosphorus 0.9%, magnesium 0.09%, omega3 fatty acid 0.6%, fatty acids omega6 3.3%, fatty acids EPA / DHA 0,3%.

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2Kg, 5Kg