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Very practical, has wide opening, the extra top flap makes it easier for cleaning. The Bella Cabrio thermoplastic resin cat toilet has welcoming, cozy rounded shapes to ensure your cat comfort and privacy during daily needs. The higher bottom guarantees the little feline greater comfort and practicality as it avoids the escape of litter ‘external due to its extra-deep bottom, keeping sand from spilling out. It is equipped with a handle for easy transport. Two activated carbon filters, positioned in the ventilation grates of the toilet cassette, are useful for neutralizing the spread of bad smells and are replaceable once their effectiveness is exhausted.

Bella Cabrio also has an effective and safe interlocking system designed also to prevent accidental opening: in addition, for maintenance, it is possible to detach the bottom from the top. In this way, you can effortlessly proceed with the replacement of the litter sand or crystals.

Available in 3 colors
Dimension: 43.5 x 56 x 38 cm

Made in Italy

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Dimensions N/A

Black, Blue, Red

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