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Cat Caviar consists of 100% thinly grated, dried tuna and smells wonderfully seductive for fish lovers. It is ideal as a tasty treat for in between meals or can be sprinkled over wet or dry food as a special garnish. This means that even a food that the cat does not like to eat (e.g. diet food, medical food, etc.) becomes a new favorite dish. The Cat Caviar can is resealable so that the fine fish strips stay fresh until the end.
The high protein content of the fish is a perfect source of amino acids for the cat. The contained natural and unsaturated fatty acids support healthy and well-groomed skin and ensure a shiny coat.
– Grain-free
– no added sugar
– Pure fish as a high-quality protein source
– High proportion of unsaturated fatty acids for a shiny coat

Size: 12g

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