DR SEIDELONLINE EXCLUSIVECat Healthy Set from dr. Seidel



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dr Seidel Cat Health Set is designed for the wellbeing of cats at home, it includes:

Flawitol Omega 3 Oil from dr. Seidel: Flawitol Omega 3 is an all-natural nutritious supplement rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and lecithin. It strengthens immunity of the body, delays degeneration of the nervous system caused by aging brain, and improved memory. EFA supplied regularly in the diet counteract renal and coronary hearth diseases. It also supports natural body mechanisms providing immunity and protection against inflammatory processes. Contains fish oils from salmon and trout, and soy lecithin. For continuous usage. Also important during pregnancy & nursing periods. Mix with pet food. Especially important for cats as their bodies do not produce EFAs Omega 3

Contents: EFA n-3 – 24.8%, EFA n-6 – 18.9%, Phosphorus – 0.62%, Potassium – 0.33%, Magnesium – 0.04%.EPA – 18% & DHA – 15%. Energy: 100 g contains 3,450kJ / 823 kcal.


Paw Wax with Lanolin Pad Ointment from dr. Seidel: Ointment hydrates and greases the foot pads, leaving a protective layer. Can be used throughout all year as a regular care product. Size: 75 ml


Deo Toothpaste with Parsley from dr. Seidel: For teeth cleaning and gum care of dogs & cats. No brushing or rinsing necessary. With the attractive meat taste, pets will love having their teeth rubbed with this paste. The parsley (petroselinum hortense) extract provides freshens of breath and masks unpleasant odors. Prevents formation of dental deposits if used regularly. Place a small amount of paste in tooth gaps and massage. No brushing or rinsing is necessary. Use regularly to get the best effects. 105g Tube


Cats Snacks for beautiful coat from dr. Seidel 50g: The only cat snacks enriched with linseed oil and zinc in quantities corresponding to diet supplements! Linseed oil improves coat appearance and prevents skin diseases. Zinc enhances skin immunity and accelerates wound healing. Snacks for a beautiful coat is the perfect way to vary your cat’s daily diet with healthy between-meal treats. Particularly recommended during molting, for hair and skin problems and prior to breed shows. 1 snack contains: linseed oil – 12 mg, zinc – 0,5 mg.

Ingredients: Maize flour, wheat flour, yeast, animal fats, bran, dried meat, linseed oil. Additives: horsetail herb, zinc.