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Superfoods are aliments that contain a particularly high proportion of nutrients and active ingredients as well as many natural bioactive substances and are therefore considered as particularly healthy. Porta21 Superfood contains such high-quality and carefully selected ingredients in the form of vegetables, because cats, just like humans, need many valuable nutrients every day. Another characteristic of Porta21 Superfood are the special, gently freeze-dried cubes, made from 100% pure meat. Together with the large meat content of the croquettes, they ensure a high protein level, supporting the health of the cat and promoting its vitality – the feeding for true gourmets. Taking into account the nutritional needs of sensitive cats and allergy sufferers, the recipe does not include grain or soy. This makes Porta21 Superfood especially easy to digest.

Ideal for continuous feeding. Alternatively, serve few times a week for a healthier diet and a happier cat.

– with 100% pure meat cubes (gently freeze-dried)
– high protein level
– Omega 3 & 6 for a shiny coat
– without soy & grain
– no added sugar

Pack size: 400g

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