CAREWEARElastic Dog & Cat Shoes


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Keep your dog’s paws clean and safe.

Protects paws in the event of injury or external influences such as hot or cold surfaces in the summer. Made from natural rubber, they are reusable, waterproof and easy to dispose of. They offer a secure hold without zippers or straps, making them easy to put on. Can be used all year round. Since they are worn like a sock, the dog retains the feeling of the ground and thus a feeling of security.

Dog’s Foot Length: (Up to) – Color of Size
XS – 5.08cm / 2 ” – Orange
S – 6.35 cm / 2.5 ” – red
M – 7.67 cm / 3 ” – blue
L – 10.16 cm / 4 ” – purple

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X-Small, Small, Medium, Large