DR SEIDELHEALTHFlawitol Artro joint support Dogs & Puppies from dr Seidel

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Contains chondroitin, glucosamine and Boswellia which help stimulate production of collagen and other components of the cartilage, inhibit activity of cartilage degrading enzymes, protect against intensified clinical symptoms of joint inflammation, reduce joint pain.

supports treatment of joint degenerative disease. Indicated for daily preventive care for senior dogs (5 years of age and older) and puppies during the period of rapid growth.

Composition: brewing yeast, dicalcium phosphate, starch, glucosamine 208 mg, chondroitin 112 mg.

Additives (in 1.6 g tablet): grape skin extract (flavonoids) 16 mg; magnesium 1.6 mg; vitamins: A 22 IU, E 15 μg; ginger extract 21 mg; manganese (chelate) 5 mg; boswelia 80 mg; methionine 100 mg; ascorbic acid 10 mg; technological additives.
Analytical constituents (as calculated): protein 23.3%; fat 3.5%; fibre 2.5%; ash 22%; calcium 4%; phosphorus 3.4%; sodium 0.32%.

1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight daily

Contains 60 tablets

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