CARESHOW SEASONHEALTHFocus On Felines Hydro-Safe Cat Shampoo from Show Season

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Finally, a safer alternative for cats. Ingredients of lavender and chamomile cat safe hydrosols work together to make a happier and healthier coat and skin. Gently massage this shampoo into a lather at the base of the tail and around the neck of your cat. Once you have the tail and neck areas lathered, begin on the back working your way down the belly, legs and feet. Let the shampoo sit for 30-60 seconds. Rinse the shampoo and repeat if necessary. This shampoo will not wash off topical flea treatments. Fleas like to hang out in the places on your cat where they will be hard to reach such as on the back, near the tail, under mats and on the head.

Also a fabulous degreaser and a safe alternative flea treatment

Non-toxic, cruelty, and paraben free

For use as a dry shampoo, put a couple of squirts into hand and rub against fur.

Size: 532ml (18Oz)

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