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An original cat furniture made of sturdy wood. It has a modern white finish and an entire sisal side area to be scratched! Thanks to its vertical structure, it is also ideal for small spaces, complete with a comfortable kennel for rest and a nice hammock from where your friend can keep the surrounding environment under control. The soft fabric of the kennel is water-repellent, practical and easy to maintain.
Leo has everything you need to make your cat spend many happy moments: a toy ball with a cord and a nice nylon tuft in the shape of a bridge that your cat can have fun grabbing or walking under to scratch his back.
The Leo furniture is stable, perfectly raised off the ground thanks to the raised pawns. Finished with extreme care, with an Italian design, it has been studied in detail by our designers to guarantee the maximum safety of your friend.

Dimension: 50 x 37 x h 84 cm

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Dimensions 50 × 37 × 48 cm

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