TOILETBONACIBOMicho Bentonite Cat Litter Baby Powder Scent


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Completely natural & does not contain any toxic substance that would be harmful to you or your cat.

With the geometric structure of the minerals contained naturally, it has high liquid absorption which creates the clumping. Confines the liquid by absorbing in a short time, and does not allow bacterial growth.

You can provide a healthy and hygienic toilet environment for your cat.

After you shake the cat litter toilet and make sure that small particles moved down to the bottom, large particles left on top will not stick on the paws of your cat and be carried into the home. Small particles at the bottom will quickly form strong clumps; thus it will help you during the cleaning & prevent mud formation at the bottom of the cat litter toilet.

Confines bad smell with its ability of high liquid absorption & emits a pleasant smell of baby powder to the environment with its special formulation once in touch with the liquid.

100% Natural Bentonite

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10Kg, 7.5Kg

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