TOILETBONACIBOMicho Clumping Cat Litter with Activated Carbon

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Thanks to its active carbon formula, it has an extra powerful effect on eliminating bad odor. It is a completely natural product and does not contain any toxic substances that would be harmful to your cat. High liquid absorption enables quicker clumping. Quickly absorbs the liquid and does not allow bacteria formation. Confines the liquid by absorbing in a short time, does not allow bacterial growth.

Bentonite cat litter which eliminates bad odors with its high liquid absorption feature and special formula releases a pleasant Marseille Soap scent to the surrounding area once contacted with liquid.

With its fine-grained structure and natural bentonite’s super liquid absorption feature, it quickly creates durable and easy to clean small clumps. It provides a longer and economical use by creating less waste than the ordinary litters.

100% Natural Bentonite (6L – 5.1Kg)

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