The Snug

Join in and relax with your dog or cat in our little snug lounge

Our snug lounge is where you get to relax and enjoy a nice, peaceful time. Bring your dog or cat along, the place is well equipped with pet beds and water bowls, as well as free toys & treats to keep your loved one relaxed and entertained.

Connect to our free Wi-Fi, help yourself to one of our amazing pet books & novels, and simply chill.

You can also watch Mr. Stinky being groomed live on the big screen while you relax on the couch and enjoy a cup of coffee.

We offer free, general pet related consultations and advice collected through courses, readings, and experience. Or even Ask Lizz for professional advice & recommendations for your dog's diet, nutrition & care.

Come in today and enjoy a wonderful time, full of lovin' licks. 

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