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This is not just a grooming station! The services provided go beyond haircuts and baths. 4Pawz spa is a high standard care center for dogs and cats that embellishes your pets in a unique experience for you and them.

Come in today and enjoy a wonderful time, full of lovin' licks

Love & Care

Our groomers are true animal lovers. They lovingly groom pets in the most humane way. Force is never used, and we never rush the service. Thanks to our extended appointment times, our groomers know that there is no next client rushing to get in.

Because our groomers do their job with love & care in mind, Pets are usually excited to walk into our doors, and happy to be groomed at 4Pawz spa.

Professional Equipment & Tools

To ensure safe grooming & best results, we only use professional, high quality equipment & tools made specifically for pet grooming. We use "Oh My Dog!" brand shampoos, conditioners and cosmetics imported directly from France. The spa was built with pet safety & comfort in mind. All electrical sockets are waterproof, our ventilation system ensures the right ambient for pets, the water heater's large capacity for the right water temperature & pressure, the baths & tables height is electrically adjustable for safe entry/exit, and so on.. That is why we have 0 incidents in our spa.

Hygiene Standards

A lot of pets in Kuwait get fungus, bacteria, ticks, skin rashes & other infectious diseases from grooming stations. Therefore, we strictly follow the highest European hygiene standards which means that all tools are machine disinfected after each use, and tables, baths & floors are washed with pet friendly detergents. We are proud to have performed thousands of pets' grooming with no infections reported & 100% satisfied clients.

Unmatched services provided with absolute love & care        

Our Elite Services

Everything is done to absolute perfection

Pet Jacuzzi

In addition to a deep cleaning, relaxing experience, the pet Jacuzzi also provides skin soothing & allergy symptom relief, reduces joint pain, and softens both fur & paws. This is an unmatched service provided in Kuwait only by 4Pawz.

Blueberry Facial

The Blueberry facial helps removing tear stains, brightens and refreshes you pet's face, and leaves a wonderful scent that lasts for weeks.

After all, a spa experience is never complete without a facial treatment.

Professional Staff

Our professional strained staff will listen to your requests, give you advice on what is possible according to your pet's breed, hair type and condition. They will do their best to give your pet a unique fur style that will highlight his/her beauty.

Detail to Perfection

We care about every little detail.. each pet is thoroughly checked for scabs, cuts, fur condition, skin allergies, infections and ear condition to ensure you know everything about your pet. We pay attention to everything & do it right. Accurate scissor & clipper hair trim, lukewarm water bath, proper scrubbing with shampoo followed by conditioner, gentle full drying with warm (not hot) air, ear & eye cleaning, precise nail trimming & filing.. everything is done to absolute perfection at 4Pawz Spa. 

Spa Menu

4Pawz Full Groom

Hair trimming / shaving, deep cleansing Jacuzzi bath with shampoo & conditioner, refreshing blueberry facial, fluff-dry & brush out, nail trim, eye & ear cleaning.

Cat: KD18

S/M dog: KD18

L dog: KD23

XL dog: KD27

4Pawz Bath & Brush

Deep cleansing Jacuzzi bath with shampoo & conditioner, fluff-dry & brush out, nail trim, eye & ear cleaning.

Cat: KD12

S/M dog: KD12

L dog: KD16

XL dog: KD19

Full Groom

Hair trimming / shaving, shampoo & conditioner bath, fluff-dry & brush out, nail trim, eye & ear cleaning.

Cat: KD12

S/M dog: KD12

L dog: KD16

XL dog: KD19

Bath & Brush

Shampoo & conditioner bath, fluff-dry & brush out, nail trim, eye & ear cleaning.

Cat: KD8

S/M dog: KD8

L dog: KD12

XL dog: KD15

Puppy Groom Package

A 3 session package is designed to properly introduce your puppy to grooming, ensuring pleasant experiences for the rest of his life.

Learn more about 4Pawz Puppy Groom Package


A La Carte

Designer Hair Styling

Hair design of your choice as suitable for your pet's hair condition such as lion cut, dragon style.. etc. Can be added to the Full Groom & 4Pawz Full Groom services only.  


Blueberry facial treatment

from KD3

De-shedding / De-matting

from KD4

Hair cut / full shave

from KD6

Nail clipping & filing

from KD1.5 

Teeth brushing


Back shave & paw trim

from KD3

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Step into our snug lounge while your pet is being groomed, treat yourself with a cup of fresh coffee, relax on the couch, kick back and watch your pet being groomed live through our lounge big screen.

And while you're at it, enjoy the free Wi-Fi, read a dog or cat book, browse through the interesting items we carry, and enjoy the quiet atmosphere & chill.

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