Add Comfort Blanket

18/09/2021by ilovepets

Place a Tall Tails comfort blanket of your choice in the suite, and you take it home after check out.

Haven’t you notice that your cat acts strange after coming back from boarding? the reason is that cats usually get stressed out when they change their environment.

We will place a soft pet blanket from Tall Tails in your cat’s suite during her stay, and then place it in her carrier on checkout. At home, put this blanket on the cat’s bed as it will ease the transition and reduce your cat stress level, having this blanket with the scent from her hotel room.

In the future, we recommend you place this blanket inside your cat’s carrier whenever you take her to the vet, groomer, hotel or any outing. Having something from home with her, your cat will be more relaxed and feel secure.

Every pet should have his own blanket.


KD4 / Once / Per Accommodation