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"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment to animals"

Immanuel Kant - German philosopher

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The perfect Dog & Cat food

will be available at 4Pawz starting February 2019

قريبا لدى فوربوز

أكل الكلاب والقطط الأفضل

سيكون متوفرا لدى فوربوز ابتداء من فيراير 2019

We have traveled around the world visiting food factories to fetch you this great wet & dry food for dogs & cats.

Because we always strive to bring you the best, and since our pet nutritionist, Lizz, wouldn't settle for less than great quality at the best price, it took us a while to find that perfect food.

تجولنا حول العالم نزور مصانع الأكل لنجلب لكم هذا الأكل الرائع من دراي ومعلبات للكلاب والقطط

لأننا دائما نتطلع للحصول على الأفضل، وبما أن أخصائية التغذية ليز لاتقبل بأقل من الجودة العالية بأفضل الأسعار، احتجنا لوقت طويل حتى نجد الأكل المثالي لتقديمه في فوربوز

British expertise using highest quality raw material mainly sourced directly from producers across Europe, combined with the most advanced technologies and highest EU standards in production & testing of the food, resulted in the development of a unique nutrition philosophy, ensuring that the highest quality full nutrients are being delivered to dogs & cats.

 الخبراء البريطانيين واستخدام مواد خام من أوروبا، بالإضافة لاستخدام احدث التكنولوجيا وأعلى المعايير الأوروبية في تصنيع وفحص الأكل، نتج عنه فلسفة غذائية فريدة تضمن غذاء  متكامل بأعلى المواصفات العالمية

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Meet Victor

Victor was born in the shelter. His mom was pregnant when she was rescued.

we adopted him when he was about 3 months old, and he turned out to be the sweetest dog you can ever imagine.

Victor is now the official 4Pawz dog. He loves people, dogs and cats, and never seem to get tired of playing all the time.

Stop by and play with Victor, or better yet, bring your dog over for the perfect playmate.

تعرف على فيكتور

فكتور ولد في ملجأ الكلاب من أم تم انقاذها وهي حامل

تبنينا فيكتور عندما كان عمره 3 أشهر، وتبين أنه من ألطف الكلاب التي قابلناها

فيكتور أصبح الكلب الرسمي لفوربوز. وهو يعشق الناس والكلاب والقطط ولايمل من اللعب طوال الوقت

تعرف على فيكتور عند زيارتك لفوربوز أو اجلب كلبك ليقضي وقت ممتع مع رفيق اللعب المثالي

"A lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me"

Barack Obama

Please adopt don't shop..

4Pawz strongly encourages people to adopt dogs & cats.

We support

these non-profit animal rescue organizations

We work with rescue groups & organizations in Kuwait, and provide donations, help & support to the best of our ability.

4Pawz gladly gives the following as a gift when you adopt a dog or cat from Adopt A Street Princess shelter  or KARE Kuwait volunteering group :

1. Help & advice on setting up your pet at home.

2. One week of our healthy fresh dog food for free.

3. One free basic grooming for your newly adopted pet.

To redeem your gift, please present your coupon received upon adoption to our staff at 4Pawz.

Healthy mind...

Healthy body...

Happy dog...


4Pawz... Because Healthy Dogs Are Happy Dogs

We are true animal lovers, and therefore we refuse to offer any cruel or unpleasant pet products



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