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Current working hours are

Daily: 9AM – 8PM

ساعات العمل الحالية

يوميا: 9 ص – 8 م

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”
Emmanuel Kant
German philosopher – 1798


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We raise the standardsThe 4Pawz principles


Our team consist of true animal lovers, and because they do their job with love & care in mind, pets are usually excited to walk into our doors, and happy to be groomed at 4Pawz spa.

Our groomers lovingly groom & care for pets in the most humane way. Force is never used, and we never rush any service. Thanks to our extended appointment times, our groomers know that there is no next client rushing to get in.

All our products are pet friendly, healthy and humane. You will never find cruel or harmful items at 4pawz.


To ensure safe grooming & best results, we only use professional, high quality equipment & tools made specifically for pet grooming. We use Show Season shampoos, conditioners and cosmetics imported directly from USA, one of the leading brands in pet care. The spa was built with pet safety & comfort in mind. All electrical sockets are waterproof, our ventilation system ensures the right ambient for pets, the water heater’s large capacity for the right water temperature & pressure, the baths & tables height is electrically adjustable for safe entry/exit, and much more.. That is why we have 0 incidents in our spa.


A lot of pets in Kuwait get fungus, bacteria, ticks, skin rashes & other infectious diseases from grooming stations. Therefore, we strictly follow the highest European pet facility hygiene standards, which means that all tools are machine disinfected after each use, and tables, baths & floors are washed with pet friendly effective detergents. We are proud to have performed thousands of pets’ grooming with no infections reported & 100% satisfied clients.

We use top quality, pet friendly cleaning & disinfecting products imported from Show Season – USA to guarantee both spa & shop sanitization without harming your pet.


Become a 4pawzer

Happy to welcome you to our circle of friends

Become a 4pawzer

Happy to welcome you to our circle of friends

Daily: 10 AM – 9 PM


Daily: 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM


Daily: 10 AM – 10 PM

What People are saying about us

4Pawz kuwait
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keith carroll
keith carroll
12:09 27 Nov 20
We have been using your service for the last 6 months and are so happy and thankful for your tremendous treatment, care, patience and love you and your staff have shown our babies. We have realized that there is not a better place in Kuwait for our family. Thank you so much!
hanan alturki
hanan alturki
17:49 21 Nov 20
I wrote my review a while back and I decided to change it With no DOUBT that they are very professional and follow the most high standards with no doubt that the staff are extremely professional and groom perfectly but one minor inconvenience during my 2nd visit to have my dog groomed the staff were more pushy to sell and I didn't like that when I would ask a question they would send me a product for sale even if I didn't show interest which made me disappointed i know they are very Good and professional and 100% recommend you to groom your pets here for your safety and your animals safety!
Carolina Aguilar
Carolina Aguilar
13:48 21 Nov 20
Today we had our first grooming session with Luna, a sheltered dog we adopted 1 week ago. The team was very patient (as she was quite scared) and very professional. Since the treatment was going to take some time we left to do some errands and the team sent us pictures through whatsapp so that we could see how Luna was enjoying. The place is small but fully stocked with an amazing product range.OVERALL: this place takes EXCELLENT care both of pets and pet owners.
Faye Worrells
Faye Worrells
15:13 13 Nov 20
My puppies love 4Paws, the staff are extremely friendly and they take really good care of my puppies. With regards to the grooming, my puppies always come out of there exactly how I want them to. The place is always spotless and I wouldn’t take them anywhere else. Brilliant place, excellent pet care, wonderful staff, love it
Craig Porter
Craig Porter
06:53 25 Oct 20
Wonderful store for your pets! Very personal service, great advice and top quality products!! There is a superb little customer lounge upstairs offering complimentary coffee and cold/room temperature water. Here you can watch your pet being spoiled in the Spa room on a 55" TV 😊 Best pet store in Kuwait (in my opinion). "Simply the best" Your are made to feel SO welcome.
Rawan Dashti
Rawan Dashti
14:26 24 Oct 20
I love this grooming place, i think it is one of the best in kuwait. The customer service is amazing & they truly care about animals. Their shaving is so clean and even, very few places in kuwait match this standard.
sarah alturki
sarah alturki
16:12 16 Oct 20
Good service! Quick groomingGood long lasting smells good prices me and my family had a pleasant experience! My dog surely enjoyed too!
Priya Mageshvaran
Priya Mageshvaran
09:18 15 Sep 20
We took our dog for the 1st time to 4Pawz..one of my good friend recommended this..The employees and the groomers are very friendly , polite and loving to the pet. They are very trained and Ms.Maya updated us with lot of information about pets. My dog was not willing to go for shower ,but they were very patient and made her comfortable. She was very happy and guess what refused to come back home.😁..looking forward for the next visit. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends.
Shahad Aloseemy
Shahad Aloseemy
10:30 20 Aug 20
The groomers and employees are amazing, everyone is so nice and professional, I dropped my dog off for grooming, they sent me pictures of my dog informing me about her, they sent pictures and kept my dog for 30 minutes after grooming till I came to pick her up. 10/10 would recommend. My dog was very excited and all over the place but they just embraced it and I thought that was kind of them 🙂
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