Adopt, Dontate, or SupportWork With Us... Help Kuwait Rescues

4Pawz is dedicated to helping Kuwait rescue dogs & cats by supporting local shelters and rescue groups through our ADS program


If you think you are fit and can handle a new pet, please consider adopting one from a shelter or rescue group.. Buying animals is morally & ethically wrong!

Alternatively, you can foster a dog or cat until a permanent loving home is found for them.

4Pawz offer help and advice, we will groom & feed a new adopted/rescued pet, and provide support & advice.


4Pawz offers you the opportunity to donate dog & cat food at discounted rates delivered to the shelter/rescue group of your choice.

In addition, you can donate directly, sponsor vet bills, or give away old furniture, dog & cat accessories, cages or any other old items to your preferred shelter/group.


Support rescued dogs & cats in Kuwait by volunteering with rescue groups and shelters. Or you can participate & help in adoption events, raise awareness and teach your kids, relatives & friends about animal care and love.

Contact a rescue group today & find out how you can help.

The Heroes

We work with a number of Kuwait rescue groups & shelters by providing support, help & donations to our best ability. Click on any of their logos to learn more about their great charitable work
Cat Squad

A group of active volunteers focusing on rescuing, rehabilitating & re-homing abandoned cats. They are THE source of information if you need any help related to cat rescue, behavior & health issues.

They welcome direct contact for any query.

A group of volunteers dedicating to rescuing animals in Kuwait. They save, cure, vaccinate, & house the rescued animals locally & abroad.

Find out more about Kareq8 & & the great work they do.
Adopt A Street Princess

A shelter that rescues dogs, provides a temporary home until they are adopted. They microchip, vaccinate, de-worm & cure all rescues making them ready for adoption.
Galia Animal Lover

A non-profit animal rescuer who helps & provides temporary homes to rescued dogs & cats in Kuwait.
Help The Animal

Dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their parents, this group of rescuers focuses on finding lost animals.

Protecting animal welfare society, an active gourp in helping & sheltering animals in Kuwait.
Touch of Hope

A non-profit group & shelter that rescues & re-homes Kuwait cats & dogs focusing on neglected animals by creating a second chance for them.
Nadia Shelter

NSKUWAIT shelter for rescue dogs based in Kuwait. Their aim is to rehabilitate & find forever homes for all the rescues, especially the hopeless cases.
+965 9969 8633
+965 9748 8908