Puppy Groom Package

Why Puppy Groom Package?

We've all seen those nervous dogs who suffer during grooming! And the reason is: They were never properly introduced to grooming as puppies.

Puppies should have their first grooming experience at 16 weeks or younger, and only after they have received their vaccinations. Proper introduction to grooming will set your pup for a lifetime of happy and relaxed grooming experiences, as well as help with vet visits & examinations.

Here at 4pawz we have carefully designed a 3-session package to properly introduce your puppy to grooming. The end result will depend on your puppy's previous experiences & personality.

Making grooming a pleasant experience

How it Works..

The package consists of three sessions, preferably completed within one month. When completed, your puppy will be able to enjoy grooming for the rest of his life. In addition, this package will help you overcome common problems such as car rides, vet visits & much more.

Session 1:

This is a happy play session, made to ensure your puppy associates the spa & groomer with positive & happy experiences.

Your pup will be patiently introduced to the spa environment, equipment & tools in a playful manner with rewards, making him comfortable with being examined, handled & touched.

He will be briefly put in the bath & on the table, the dryer & clipper will be turned on momentarily to familiarize him with the noises, his ears, paws, nails, tail, teeth & face will be touched playfully, & he will be brushed and be able to see & smell the spa tools & materials.

Parents are advised to stay for this session which should last between 30 to 60 minutes and include a lot of treating & playtime. 

Session 2:

Your pup will get a closer interaction with grooming and exposure to water, clippers & dryers. He will play with water & get wet, then will be gently dried. He will also make contact with grooming tools like scissors & combs close to his face & paws.

Nail trimming will be simulated, and actual clipping will be done if he feels comfortable with it. Nail filing will also be briefly introduced. Clippers will be turned on and contact with his body will be made to familiarize him with the vibrations & noises. All that is performed whilst treating & playing with your puppy to ensure a positive pleasant experience.

If your puppy is comfortable enough, a full bath & dry will be performed during this session.

This session should last between 30 to 60 minutes, and parents can choose to leave or stay at the spa. 

Session 3:

This is where the magic happens..

At this point, your puppy should be ready for his full groom. The grooming session will go at your puppy's own pace, meaning that he will determine how long this session should last.

The full groom will include bath, dry, brush, hair trim & scissor cut, nail clipping & filing, and ear cleaning.

Some puppies might still not feel very comfortable at this stage, and therefore, some activities will be skipped, and you will be invited for a 4th session of full grooming at 25% discount.

This session should last between 60 & 90 minutes, and parents can choose to leave or stay at the spa. 

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